Day 3 – Napton Bridge to Bulkington Bridge


We’re not in the pub tonight. It looks very boarded up.

This morning was very misty and we experienced a mighty downpour just before Wigram’s Turn. It was just after this that there were three skylarks vying for the highest point in the sky. We passed through Braunston without incident (just). It was only afterwards that we encountered many and various boats heading for the rally – Hilmorton locks were extremely busy.

mini-SNV32356 mini-SNV32360 mini-SNV32363

Wildlife watch: somewhere between Hilmorton and Rugby, we saw a red woodpecker! Fortunately the ant count has been somewhat lower today (probably a result of Bernard’s “kill one at a time” policy).

We moored for water at Rugby, and made a stop for provisions (adding to our steadily growing herb garden). Unfortunately the weather changed drastically at this point, and an unplanned lunch-stop was called for whilst the rain abated.

Newbold Tunnel

Newbold Tunnel

Luke got very excited about his first journey through a tunnel, but the expected rabbit warren turned out to be a long bridge with exciting lights (which extinguished themselves as we left, leaving the next boat in darkness).

Careful planning ensured that Michael joined within seconds of our arrival (on time) at the agreed meeting point.

Warp 9

Warp 9

Table for four, please

Table for four, please

Today’s menus: Various breakfasty sandwiches, lunch – pork and mustard sausages and assorted salads, dinner – steak and leek casserole with an oriental twist followed by melon and a choice of cheeses with port, and finally single malt whiskies.

Tonight’s sleeping arrangements will involve the extra excitement of an added snorer. Luke’s experiment with anti-snore spray last night was applauded (nobody in neighbouring boats was awakened) but only partially successful. Further trials continue.

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2 Responses to “Day 3 – Napton Bridge to Bulkington Bridge”

  1. Mum Says:

    Brilliant images inside the tunnel

  2. Robin Hall Says:

    Are you sure you saw a Red Woodpecker? Green Woodpecker with red head perhaps?

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