Day 4 – Bulkington Bridge to Hopwas


We’re back outside a pub again – two this time!

An overcast day today although our start time was somewhat later than previous owing to Michael’s tendancy to stay alseep through noise. The first morning with four people on board had Luke confused and wanting to stay asleep when we needed to move his bed.

Hartshill BW Yard

Hartshill BW Yard

A gentle start and a fair run before the first activity. Showers were fitted into this period. We passed the picturesque BW yard at Hartshill (see photo). The Atherstone flight was very slow – over two hours. We spent much of it following and helping a “green boat” down resulting in a number of locks being worked twice.

Sign to The North

Sign to The North

After the final two locks (“Have we done the locks yet” – slumbering Luke) at Glascote, much further along, we stopped at Fazeley Junction where Bernard and Luke enjoyed a visit to Tesco, presently stocked with zero fresh fruit and veg. Moving a short distance further we reached our mooring for the night, a couple of paces from two pubs in Hopwas. Bernard, Luke and I proceeded there with remarkable haste while Michael prepared dinner.


Today’s menus: breakfasty sandwiches including black pudding, monster lunch from Luke – ham sandwiches witha rice salad and egg mayonnaise, spag bol for dinner followed by strawberries, cheese and port.

Sunday cruising tomorrow – heading for Great Haywood but we make no promises 🙂

Beer on the Atherstone Flight

Beer on the Atherstone Flight

Michael preparing dinner. "Handsome"

Michael preparing dinner. "Handsome"


2 Responses to “Day 4 – Bulkington Bridge to Hopwas”

  1. Robin Hall Says:

    The “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)” are ludicrous.

  2. Nick B Says:

    Looks like you’re making good progress! Four days on the boat and you’ve already lost the ability to spell though….

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