Day 28 – Stainforth to Stainforth (via Keadby)


Today can generally be summed up as wet. It rained at various degrees, on and off, throughout most of the day.

After a late start with cooked breakfast for all whilst still moored up, we decided obtaining diesel was a necessity today. Michael rang the three boatyards in Thorne and Stanilands Marina offered diesel at a 60/40% mix for 88p a litre. We arrived, took on 100 litres and changed the gas bottle. The tank is still only two thirds full! Remarkably the marina had received a delivery of diesel since the earlier phone call and the price had been reduced to 85p per litre!

The Stainforth and Keadby Canal is generally very straight and has deep water so Tardebigge moves at a good speed. The area is very flat so the only excitement is the occasional swing or lift bridge.

Michael has memories of waving at trains to get a hoot from the driver on his four previous visits along this canal (it runs parallel to the Doncaster to Scunthorpe line) but due to engineering works there were no trains to be seen. In fact a large chunk of the rail bed had been lifted and the canal was being used to support crane gear.

The highlight of the day has to be passing through the Vazon Sliding Rail Bridge. One of only three of its kind in Europe, the railway crosses the canal at an angle and a section slides out of the way when a boat approaches. Due to the engineering works a number of Network Rail contractors were on the site taking various measurements.

We arrived at Keadby in the gloom, took some photos of the River Trent and Keadby Lock before leaving the desolate inland port. The Humber sloop Spider T is moored there. We retreated to Stainforth and are moored only yards away from yesterday’s mooring.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Doncaster and beyond and thence Goole with a view to reaching Selby in a couple of days.

Menu: cooked breakfast; homemade rustic leek and potato soup; chicken rogan josh with poppadums and naans, preceeded by numerous apertifs.


One Response to “Day 28 – Stainforth to Stainforth (via Keadby)”

  1. robert goodland Says:

    Hi Michael

    Lovely to hear from you. So what are you doing now? Whats yr direct email.? Ive just finished my DRCongo expose on Anglo’s gold mine; said soon to be the biggest in the world, Ghastly place for child miners and the Pygmies and others.

    Keep in touch
    V best

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