Day 33 – Mirfield to Elland


After a slow start waiting to see if the Shepley Bridge Marina would open, Michael decided to walk the mile up to Ledgard Bridge to see if there was any sign of life at Mirfield Boatyard. He found a friendly gentleman working on his own boat on the hardstanding.

After explaining the problem with a weld on the alternator mounting he said he might be able to fix it with his welding equipment at home. A quick call to Alex meant Tardebigge set off Ledgard Bridge and Bernard demounted the alternator on arrival. A quick inspection by the gentleman resulted in him and Bernard making the trip to his house (and workshop) in Holmfirth!

Some considerable time later they returned with a repaired and reinforced alternator mount. Bernard made some slight modifications to make it fit and we were sorted. Michael thanked the gentleman (we never found out his name!) with alcoholic beverages, and we set off.

Progress through the locks is rather slow and they become more concentrated above Cooper Bridge Junction. We shall be returning to this junction in a couple of days for the journey into Huddersfield and up to Marsden.

The rain was light, steady and entirely unrelenting all afternoon so we moored up near Elland just after 7.00pm. Luke is now joining us tomorrow.

Menu: cooked breakfasts or cereal; beef sandwiches; sweet and sour chicken with noodles, followed by fresh cherries and cheese with port!



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