Day 38 – Marsden to Stalybridge


We awoke quite early in anticipation of the day to come. BW arrived just after 8.00am to measure Tardebigge to make sure that it would go through the tunnel. It passed with flying colours! (One of the BW staff later commented that it was the ideal shape and size for the tunnel passage.)

We all had our breakfasts and we set off into the tunnel at 9.24am, slightly later than the booked time, with Michael at the tiller. The journey is broken by BW having to report progress at specified intervals. At at the first stopping point Bernard took over at the tiller, followed by Alex at the second stopping point. After this there seemed to be no further takers and Alex remained at the tiller for the rest of the journey.

We took just over 2 hours for the passage. The BW chaperone said that we should allow about twenty minutes for the stops so the time was about about average.

Having said farewell we set off down towards Dukinfield junction. From the first lock we could see that there was a boat in some difficulty as it could not get into the lock below due to a problem at the tail of the lock. After some time had elapsed we suggested that we might be able to assist by providing a working platform from within the lock – this was agreed and we duly obliged. BW re-inforcements arrived in the form of the lock-keepers who had assisted us at Huddersfield. Using our boathooks they eventually diagnosed that some damaged paddlegear had fouled the gate and was preventing the gate from opening. With a bit of shove, heave and grunt the obstruction was moved and Tardebigge proceeded on its way.

A fairly uneventful but steady descent followed and we arrived in Stalybridge and tied up in the middle of the Tesco carpark! Not as bad as it sounds as tha canal has a double towpath and we were on the quiet side of the cut.

After tying up we found a possible problem with the engine (more to follow tomorrow). Four separate visits were made to Tesco, including using the facilities…!

Menu: cooked breakfasts or cereal and toast; gammon sandwiches; pasta bolognese with posh French wine.


One Response to “Day 38 – Marsden to Stalybridge”

  1. Colin Pennifold Says:

    Bet the tunnel was interesting.
    I have followed your menu with interest, looks like good and varied evening meals, not to mention the accompanying beverages.

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