Day 42 – Longport to Weston upon Trent


Major disaster! There was no bacon left (nor any other cooked breakfast items) so Bernard could not have a fry up this morning. We set off in anticipation of buying supplies in Stoke on Trent but the shop on the map was nowhere to be found.

We called at Longport Wharf to buy more oil for the engine and replace an empty gas bottle. The Stoke flight of locks was busy with a good number of boats descending both before and after us. Then the heavens opened.

Tardebigge seemed to enjoy all the water. The Trent and Mersey is deep so the boat was positively flying along which was such a contrast to recent waterways!

We stopped at Stone for shopping. The Somerfield we visited in recent years has now become a Co-op with a poor selection of meat. Fortunately bacon was in plentiful supply. A pint (or two) of Banks’s was consumed from the Star whilst descending the adjacent lock, and we carried on down hill, through quite remote countryside, to our mooring for the night at Weston. There is a pub near the adjacent bridge….

Menu: chocolate biscuits; cold chicken and gammon salad; Kamargaah (lamb steaks in batter) with stir-fried vegetables and rice, followed by melon.

[No pictures today it was too wet.]


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