Day 43 – Weston upon Trent to Fradley


After another late night in the pub with a fellow boater we eventually surfaced just after 8.00am. Michael prepared breakfast whilst Bernard changed the engine oil. It seems we are gaining about 0.3 litres of diesel in the lubricating oil each day. We set of at about 9.15am towards the first lock of the day. The weather was forecast as fine but we had a drop of rain to start with and then it gradually cleared to intermittent sunshine.

During the morning we passed Great Haywood junction and completed the great circle via Trevor, Wigan, Leeds, Huddersfield and Stoke on Trent (and all the other places in between!). From now on we are retracing our steps back to Lower Heyford but hopefully managing to find some different stopping places.

At Rugeley we stopped for some shopping and were pleased to meet Michael’s parents who joined us for lunch and hitched a taxi-ride back to Handsacre. The fare was paid in fresh runner beans.

The day passed uneventfully and for the first time in passing through here we were able to moor close to the Swan at Fradley junction where we had a few b***s.

Menu: cooked breakfast or cereal and toast; cold beef salad; lasagne with garlic bread.

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