Day 45 – Atherstone to Brinklow


The day dawned. It looked quite promising. Michael wore his shorts.

Alex Hajok joined us today and helped us up the remaining locks of the Atherstone flight. It was very slow due to the number of boats on the move and sharing locks with a another boat. Fact of the day from the extremely boring man off the other boat: “Sea Otter only make boats to order now. They do up to 55ft, but this is only 27ft.” Times three, at least….

Michael popped to the shops to stock up on bacon, beer and buns (for afternoon tea)* whilst Alex and Bernard cleared the remaining two locks. There was a veritable queue waiting come down when we reached the top.

The sun shone and it got very hot. We lunched on the move and met Harnser at Hawkesbury. We first shared a descent of the Hatton flight with Harnser a few years ago and Bernard has seen them a few times since.

We tied up for the night below Stretton Stop, near Brinklow where we bade farewell to Alex. She caught a bus to Coventry, thence a train back to Atherstone. At the mooring we were adopted by a local feline. It could probably smell our dinner.

Menu: cooked breakfast or cereal and toast (very late); Scotch eggs with salad; Chinese steamed salmon with noodles, followed by cheese and port.

*Only the buns were for afternoon tea.

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