Day 47 – Napton on the Hill to Cropredy


Griggs didn’t like the early alarm but still managed to emerge in time for locking bleary eyed. Michael was up and out preparing to set off immediately after the alarm and we were on our way very shortly after 7.00. We passed many moored boats en route to the locks and found another boat just starting to ascend as we arrived.

We made reasonable progress until boats moored in the flight starting pulling out in front of us. At Marston Doles (the last two locks before the summit pound) we rounded the corner to find a very long queue and were the sixth lockful through. We breakfasted and Nick managed a shower while we waited.

Good progress was made across the summit we considered stopping for a lunchtime pint at the Wharf in Fenny Compton but pressed on to the Claydon flight. Again progress was slow because many boats were on the move. We struck up a regular (lock-by-lock) conversation with boat in front Selene Rose and enjoyed chocolate brownies bought at the top lock. It was very hot and there was little shelter from the burning sun.

Varney’s Lock had bunches of flowers laid at it. A couple of weeks ago a lady lost her life here when falling off the back of her boat and getting tangled up in the propellor.

Cropedy is full of boats in anticipation of the annual Fairport Convention festival. There are no moorings to be found at all so our regular overnight stop here (and trip to the Red Lion) had to be missed this time. We moved down towards Slat Mill lock and moored up just before (at the second attempt after finding a wasps’ nest).

Menu: bacon sandwiches or cereal and toast; pork and egg slice with salad; poppadums, chicken rogan josh with sweet potato and cauliflower baltis.


One Response to “Day 47 – Napton on the Hill to Cropredy”

  1. Colin Pennifold Says:

    Day 46 again?
    Groundhog day or too much alcohol before writing the blog?

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