I’m Michael Williams and I’ve owned icebreaker Tardebigge since the beginning of 2003. The icebreaker bow section is 100 years old in 2009 so I’m off for an epic cruise round the UK’s inland waterways during the summer.

I live and work in Oxford and Tardebigge’s home mooring is at Lower Heyford, half way to Banbury. The summer trip begins in late June and you can follow my progress through this “Ship’s log”.

Various crew will be joining me during the summer, including friends from university and bell ringing. Bernard Stone, a fellow ringer from Oxford, will be there throughout. If you see us, say hello and give us a wave!

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Ray Talbot Says:


    Couldn’t stop for a chat when we passed on the Oxford on 28 June as I was being assessed for my COBM at the time. I managed to bamboozle the examiner so am now qualified to drive a small passenger boat on inland waterways.

    Since disposing of ‘ Fabian Stedman@ to our curate last year I’ve downsized – see http://www.cotswoldcanals.com/saul_boat_trips.htm . Best of luck with the rest of the cruise.

  2. Christine Sworder Says:

    Hoping that the Wigan flight will clear Robert’s cabin fever. It should!

    The last time David and I were at the Wigan flight, it was pre Robert and on foot. Very memorable because a boat had been sunk in one of the locks. Everyone on board (including a baby) was ok, just very very shaken. Boat got caught in gate, and paddles & gear padlocked. BWB cleared the boat in about four hours!

    Have fun.


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